Reaching the Appartment hotel Helidonia by car. Coming either from Athens or by ferry boat from Italy via Patras, the destination remains the same, through the national road and towards Patra, Pyrgos, Olympia, keep following that destination for about 60 km up until the exit Gastouni (and not Killini). In the town center of Gastouni you will find a sign that directs you towards Vartholomio.
Following the sign and after you reach Vartholomio follow the next sign that directs you towards Loutra killinis.
After 9 km you will notice on the left sideof the road the hotel's sign.
From then on you take the right turn in the narrow road and after 350 m you are at the end of your destination. (The signs you meet throughout your road trip demonstrate the relevant information both in Greek and Latin).